Al Haramain Attar Sheikh Al Arab

17 000 

Верхняя нота: бергамот, шалфей, герань, альдегид, манго, слива, апельсин, лайм, лаванда

Средняя нота: гвоздика, мускатный орех, роза, шафран, палисандр, жасмин, иланг-иланг, герань, оррис, лилия долины

Базовая нота: сандал, пачули, кедровое дерево, ветивер, мускус, фасоль тонка, агар, ваниль, янтарь, мох



Carry yourself higher!

The mannerisms of a leader are easily spotted and emulated by many. They may be able to replicate your walk and the way you talk. They may draw inspiration from your achievements, but they will never be able to attain the quiet confidence that separates you from the ordinary. Al Haramain’s ‘Attar Sheikh Al Arab’ is a fragrance so strong in character, that it showers you with oodles of self assurance, making the challenges of everyday life seem like a cakewalk!


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