Al Haramain Empress of Perfume

17 000 

Верхняя нота: бергамот, шалфей, герань, альдегид, манго, слива, апельсин, лайм, лаванда

Средняя нота: гвоздика, мускатный орех, роза, шафран, палисандр, жасмин, иланг-иланг, герань, оррис, лилия долины

Базовая нота: сандал, пачули, кедровое дерево, ветивер, мускус, фасоль тонка, агар, ваниль, янтарь, мох

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Royalty is inborn!

it runs in your veins, it shows in your eyes. It’s evident in your imperial swagger that you are not one of the ordinary. Al Haramain presents a majestic compilation of regal fragrances that will underline your supremacy. Six different fragrances, each deliberately different to suit different moods and occasions. Spruce up your perfume basket with this uncompromising bunch of fragrances and take a cake-walk to your desires, or remain etched in someone’s memories by making the Empress of Perfumes, the most precious and unforgettable gift they have ever received. This is one six-pack you can’t afford to miss out on.


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