Al Haramain Majestic Collection

17 000 

Верхняя нота: бергамот, шалфей, герань, альдегид, манго, слива, апельсин, лайм, лаванда

Средняя нота: гвоздика, мускатный орех, роза, шафран, палисандр, жасмин, иланг-иланг, герань, оррис, лилия долины

Базовая нота: сандал, пачули, кедровое дерево, ветивер, мускус, фасоль тонка, агар, ваниль, янтарь, мох

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A majestic aura is not something that’s acquired. It comes from the reassurance in oneself that you’re superior to others and admired by the rest. Maybe you don’t want to lead the way, but others can’t help but follow. It’s an admiration that you command. The fragrance of flowers will usually spread only in the direction of the wind, but the charm & magnetism of a king spreads in all directions, just like Al Haramain’s ‘Majestic Collection’. A fragrance meant for superior individuals…a fragrance meant for kings!


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